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TXD2-1.5V High breakdown voltage type is available (1.5 kV between open contacts) TX-D RELAYS Panasonic
Panasonic Corporation Panasonic
TXD2-1.5V Datasheet PDF : 12 Pages
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TX-D RELAYS High breakdown voltage type
is available (1.5 kV between
open contacts)
Compliance with RoHS Directive
1. Lineup now includes high
breakdown voltage type that
achieves breakdown voltage
between open contacts of 1,500 V
Surge breakdown voltage between
open contacts:
1,500 V 10 × 160 µsec. (FCC part 68)
Surge breakdown voltage between
contact and coil:
6,000 V 1.2 × 50 µsec. (EN60950)
2. Approved to the supplementary
insulation class in the EN standards
The insulation distance between the
contact and coil meet the
supplementary insulation class of the
EN60950 standards as required for
equipment connected to the telephone
lines in Europe.
Satisfies the following conditions:
• Clearances: 2.0 mm .079 inch or
• Creepage distance: 2.5 mm .098 inch
or more
3. 3,000 V breakdown voltage between
contact and coil. (Surge breakdown
voltage 6,000 V type)
The body block construction of the coil
that is sealed formation offers a high
breakdown voltage of 3,000 V between
contact and coil.
4. Nominal operating power:
High sensitivity of 200mW
By using the highly efficient polar
magnetic circuit “seesaw balance
mechanism”, a nominal operating
power of 200 mW has been achieved.
5. High contact capacity: 2 A 30 V DC
6. High contact reliability achieved
with gold-clad crossbar twin
contacts and the use of gas
expelling materials during
*We also offer a range of products with
AgPd contacts suitable for use in low
level load analog circuits (Max. 10V
DC 10 mA).
*SX relays designed for low level loads
are also available.
(Surge breakdown voltage 2,500 V
type only)
7. Outstanding vibration and shock
Functional shock resistance: 750 m/s2
Destructive shock resistance:
1,000 m/s2
Functional vibration resistance:
10 to 55 Hz (at double amplitude of
3.3 mm .130 inch)
Destructive vibration resistance:
10 to 55 Hz (at double amplitude of
5 mm .197 inch)
8. Sealed construction allows
automatic washing.
9. A range of surface-mount types is
also available.
SA: Low-profile surface-mount
terminal type
SL: High connection reliability surface-
mount terminal type
SS: Space saving surface-mount
terminal type
10. M.B.B. type available (Surge
breakdown voltage 2,500 V type
1. Facsimile
2. Modem
3. Communications (xDSL)
4. Medical equipment
5. Automotive equipment
6. Security
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