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HMC259 Datasheet PDF : 6 Pages
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Handling Precautions
Follow these precautions to avoid permanent damage.
Handle the chips in a clean environment.
DO NOT attempt to clean the chip using liquid cleaning systems.
Static Sensitivity:
Follow ESD precautions to protect against > ± 250V ESD strikes.
Suppress instrument and bias supply transients while bias is applied.
Use shielded signal and bias cables to minimize inductive pick-up.
General Handling:
Handle the chip along the edges with a vacuum collet or with a sharp pair of bent tweezers.
The surface of the chip has fragile air bridges and should not be touched with vacuum collet, tweezers, or
The chip is back-metallized and can be die mounted with AuSn eutectic preforms or with electrically con-
ductive epoxy. The mounting surface should be clean and flat.
Eutectic Die Attach:
A 80/20 gold tin preform is recommended with a work surface temperature of 255 deg. C and a tool tem-
perature of 265 deg. C. When hot 90/10 nitrogen/hydrogen gas is applied, tool tip temperature should be
290 deg. C.
DO NOT expose the chip to a temperature greater than 320 deg. C for more than 20 seconds. No more
than 3 seconds of scrubbing should be required for attachment.
Epoxy Die Attach:
Apply a minimum amount of epoxy to the mounting surface so that a thin epoxy fillet is observed around the
perimeter of the chip once it is placed into position.
Cure epoxy per the manufacturer’s schedule.
Wire Bonding
Ball or wedge bond with 1.0 diameter pure gold wire. Thermosonic wirebonding with a nominal stage
temperature of 150 deg. C and a ball bonding force of 40 to 50 grams or wedge bonding force of 18 to
22 grams is recommended. Use the minimum level of ultrasonic energy to achieve reliable wirebonds.
Wirebonds should be started on the chip and terminated on the package or substrate. All bonds should be
as short as possible <0.31mm (12 mils).
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