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GE28F640B3B110 View Datasheet(PDF) - Intel

Part NameDescriptionManufacturer
GE28F640B3B110 3 Volt Advanced Boot Block Flash Memory Intel
Intel Intel
GE28F640B3B110 Datasheet PDF : 58 Pages
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28F004/400B3, 28F008/800B3, 28F016/160B3, 28F320B3, 28F640B3
4-Mbit packaging and addressing information corrected throughout document
Corrected 4-Mbit memory addressing tables in Appendices D and E
Max ICCD changed to 25 µA
VCCMax on 32 M (28F320B3) changed to 3.3 V
Added 64-Mbit density and faster speed offerings
Removed access time vs. capacitance load curve
Changed references of 32Mbit 80ns devices to 70ns devices to reflect the faster product
Changed VccMax=3.3V reference to indicate the affected product is the 0.25µm 32Mbit
Minor text edits throughout document.
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