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M38861MCA-XXXGP Datasheet PDF : 110 Pages
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3886 Group
000016 Port P0 (P0)
000116 Port P0 direction register (P0D)
000216 Port P1 (P1)
000316 Port P1 direction register (P1D)
000416 Port P2 (P2)
000516 Port P2 direction register (P2D)
000616 Port P3 (P3)
000716 Port P3 direction register (P3D)
000816 Port P4 (P4)
000916 Port P4 direction register (P4D)
000A16 Port P5 (P5)
000B16 Port P5 direction register (P5D)
000C16 Port P6 (P6)
000D16 Port P6 direction register (P6D)
000E16 Port P7 (P7)
000F16 Port P7 direction register (P7D)
001016 Port P8 (P8)/Port P4 input register (P4I)
001116 Port P8 direction register (P8D)/Port P7 input register (P7I)
001216 I2C data shift register (S0)
001316 I2C address register (S0D)
001416 I2C status register (S1)
001516 I2C control register (S1D)
001616 I2C clock control register (S2)
001716 I2C start/stop condition control register (S2D)
001816 Transmit/Receive buffer register (TB/RB)
001916 Serial I/O1 status register (SIO1STS)
001A16 Serial I/O1 control register (SIO1CON)
001B16 UART control register (UARTCON)
001C16 Baud rate generator (BRG)
001D16 Serial I/O2 control register (SIO2CON)
001E16 Watchdog timer control register (WDTCON)
001F16 Serial I/O2 register (SIO2)
002016 Prescaler 12 (PRE12)
002116 Timer 1 (T1)
002216 Timer 2 (T2)
002316 Timer XY mode register (TM)
002416 Prescaler X (PREX)
002516 Timer X (TX)
002616 Prescaler Y (PREY)
002716 Timer Y (TY)
002816 Data bas buffer register 0 (DBB0)
002916 Data bas buffer status register 0 (DBBSTS0)
002A16 Data bas buffer control register (DBBCON)
002B16 Data bas buffer register 1 (DBB1)
002C16 Data bas buffer status register 1 (DBBSTS1)
002D16 Comparator data register (CMPD)
002E16 Port control register 1 (PCTL1)
002F16 Port control register 2 (PCTL2)
003016 PWM0H register (PWM0H)
003116 PWM0L register (PWM0L)
003216 PWM1H register (PWM1H)
003316 PWM1L register (PWM1L)
003416 AD/DA control register (ADCON)
003516 A-D conversion register 1 (AD1)
003616 D-A1 conversion register (DA1)
003716 D-A2 conversion register (DA2)
003816 A-D conversion register 2 (AD2)
003916 Interrupt source selection register (INTSEL)
003A16 Interrupt edge selection register (INTEDGE)
003B16 CPU mode register (CPUM)
003C16 Interrupt request register 1 (IREQ1)
003D16 Interrupt request register 2 (IREQ2)
003E16 Interrupt control register 1 (ICON1)
003F16 Interrupt control register 2 (ICON2)
0FFE16 Flash memory control register (FCON)
0FFF16 Flash command register (FCMD)
Note: Flash memory version only
Fig. 9 Memory map of special function register (SFR)
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