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L9826 Octal protected low-side driver with diagnostic and serial/parallel input control ST-Microelectronics
STMicroelectronics ST-Microelectronics
L9826 Datasheet PDF : 19 Pages
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Functional description
Flyback current
Turning off the low side driver with an inductive load, its output voltage rises due to the
inductor that tries to drive current. This voltage is internally clamped by the flyback circuit at
VCPL value, typical 50V
Current regulation mode outputs 1 and 2
Outputs 1 and 2 which are particularly dedicated for loads with inrush current (as lamps).
When the channel is switched on and the current through the load exceeds the short circuit
limit value (Ilim) for at least tdf time, the corresponding output goes in current regulation
The output current is determinated by the output characteristic and its voltage depends on
load resistance. In this mode, high power is dissipated in the output stage and its
temperature increases rapidly. When the output stage temperature exceeds the thermal
shutdown (TJSC), the overload latch is set and the corresponding output is switched off.
Short circuits outputs 3 to 8
Outputs 3 to 8 which are dedicated for loads without inrush currents. When the output
current exceeds the short circuit threshold (Isbc) for at least Tscb time, the corresponding
output is switched-off immediately and in the same time, the relative latch store the overload
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