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MC145406P Datasheet

Part NameDescriptionManufacturer
MC145406P Driver/Receiver EIA 232–E and CCITT V.28 (Formerly RS–232–D) LANSDALE
LANSDALE Semiconductor Inc. LANSDALE
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Legacy Device: Motorola MC145406

The ML145406 is a silicon–gate CMOS IC that combines three drivers and three receivers to fulfill the electrical specifications of standards EIA 232–E and CCITT V.28. The drivers feature true TTL input compatibility, slew–rate–limited output, 300–Ω power–off source impedance, and output typically switching to within 25% of the supply rails. The receivers can handle up to ±25 V while presenting 3 to 7 kΩ impedance. Hysteresis in the receivers aids reception of noisy signals. By combining both drivers and receivers in a single CMOS chip, the ML145406 provides efficient, low–power solutions for EIA 232–E and V.28 applications.

This device offers the following performance features:
• Operating Temperature Range = TA –40° to +85°C

• ± 5 V to ±12 V Supply Range
• 300–Ω Power–Off Source Impedance
• Output Current Limiting
• TTL Compatible
• Maximum Slew Rate = 30 V/µs

• ± 25 V Input Voltage Range When VDD = 12 V, VSS = – 12 V
• 3 to 7 kΩ Input Impedance
• Hysteresis on Input Switchpoint

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