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MAX9851-2006 Datasheet

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General Description
The MAX9851/MAX9853 are single-chip, stereo audio CODECs designed to provide a complete audio solution for a GSM/GPRS/EDGE cell phone. The MAX9851/MAX9853 provide stereo DirectDriveTM headphone amplifiers, a mono receiver speaker amplifier, stereo Class D speaker amplifiers (MAX9851 only), stereo differential line outputs (MAX9853 only), microphone input amplifiers, plus flexible input selection and gain control. Two serial digital audio interfaces are included, one intended to accept voiceband data and the other accepting I2S data. The voiceband interface can be reconfigured as needed to act as a secondary I2S feed input—allowing multiple audio source mixing of ringer tones or other audio at different sample rates. A transducer/vibrator signal can be derived from digital audio.

♦ +1.7V to +3.3V (Digital) and +2.6V to +3.3V (Analog) Operation
♦ +2.6V to +5.5V Class D Speaker Amplifier Operation (Direct from Battery)
♦ Low 26mW Quiescent Power Consumption (Playback)
♦ High 98dB Power-Supply Rejection Ratio
♦ 8kHz to 48kHz Sample Rate (Replay and Record)
♦ Stereo 18-Bit ADC and DAC
♦ Low-Noise Stereo Microphone Inputs and Stereo Line Inputs
♦ Dual Source Digital Mixing (DAC)
♦ Selectable Voiceband Filter for Recording/Playback Modes
♦ Digital Filtering, Soft Mute, and Volume Control
♦ Low-Noise, High-PSRR Microphone Bias Generator
♦ Stereo DirectDrive Headphone Amplifier (2 x 50mW)
♦ Mono DirectDrive Handset Receiver Amplifier (1 x 105mW)
♦ Stereo Class D, Ultra-Low-EMI, Filterless Speaker Amplifier with Active Emissions Limiting (2 x 1.25W, 8Ω) (MAX9851)
♦ Stereo Differential Line Output Amplifiers (MAX9853)
♦ Clickless/Popless Operation
♦ Flexible Shutdown Modes for Power Saving
♦ Comprehensive Headset Detection
♦ Ultra-Low Power Wake-Up on Headset Detection

   GSM/GPRS/EDGE Cell Phones


Part Name
Interface - CODECs Stereo CODEC w/ HP and Speaker
Wolfson Microelectronics plc
3W-channel class AB audio amplifier + stereo headphones
5V, Differential Input, DirectDrive, 130mW Stereo Headphone Amplifiers with Shutdown
Low Power Stereo Audio CODEC With Speaker and Headphone Amplifier.
ProTek Devices.
5W+5W Stereo Speaker Amplifiers
ROHM Semiconductor
Stereo CODEC with 1W Stereo Class D Speaker Drivers and Headphone Drivers for Portable Audio Applications
Wolfson Microelectronics plc
24-bit Stereo Audio DAC with Speaker Driver / 32-QFN
Single supply stereo digital audio line driver with 2.2 Vrms capless outputs
Stereo CODEC with 1W Stereo Class D Speaker Drivers and Headphone Drivers for Portable Audio Applications
Cirrus Logic
USB Stereo Audio Chip for Speaker Integrated
C-Media Electronics

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